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As the Print Managing Editor of the ODYSSEY Media Group, I help reporters create publishable stories that reflect the diversity and community of Clarke Central High School and Athens-Clarke County. These stories are published in the ODYSSEY Newsmagazine, which I work side-by-side with the Editor-in-Chief to create. I am a second-year staff member who is also a Journalism I Facilitator, meaning that I co-teach the freshmen who are enrolled in the introductory Journalism I course with my adviser.

I joined ODYSSEY in September of 2020 during my junior year. This portfolio documents my journey as a reporter.

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The file linked below includes a full description of positions held, awards won, conferences attended, and mentorships that I've engaged in since I joined the ODYSSEY Media Group.

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Below: STEPPING IN AND STEPPING UP: ODYSSEY Media Group Print Managing Editor and Journalism I Facilitator Chloe Sears, a Clarke Central High School senior, stands at the lectern
in the ODYSSEY classroom while talking to the freshmen she co-teaches in the introductory Journalism I course. If I hadn't been for ODYSSEY, Sears wouldn't have the confidence in herself that she has today. "It's been a big game changer for me," Sears said. "I jumped into ODYSSEY during my junior year and everybody was so supportive that I could just hit the ground running. It felt amazing. Now I have this thing in my life that I'm good at and I can feel confident in myself not only when I'm writing, but also when I'm helping others. And nothing feels as good as that." Photos by Aza Khan

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Above: PROM 2021: ODYSSEY Media Group Variety staffer and photographer Chloe Sears photographs a couple at the Clarke Central High School senior prom on May 8, 2021. A new ODYSSEY photographer, Sears spent the night taking portraits and making candid shots of students, teachers and school administrators. "It was a learning experience for sure. I was so excited to be shooting my first gallery for ODYSSEY. I was nervous, too, but I had so much fun taking photos and working with my classmates that the fun aspects of the night really drowned out my nerves," Sears said. "Not all of my photos were perfect, but that's par for the course with photography and anything in journalism, really. It's not all going to be perfect. I learned a lot about myself as a photojournalist that night and I really stepped into myself and my style as a photographer." Photo courtesy of David Ragsdale

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